№4(40) (4th quarter of 2021)

Issue №4(40) (4th quarter of 2021)

#Transport security in professional education

1 Problematic organizational, legal and educational aspects of the formation and improvement of anti-corruption competencies of participants in the training for a driving license
2 The system of training, retraining and advanced training of senior management staff in the field of state management of marine economic activities: a brief historical and legal aspect
3 The modern system of transport education in the context of transport safety management: problems and development prospects
4 Improving the regulatory framework for VR simulators’ use, regulating the transport safety management system, as a factor in the formation of anti-corruption competencies
5 Digital transformation of public administration and economy: trends in human resource policy and education

#International transport law

6 Geoeconomic transformation of the integration group of the Eurasian Economic Union and estimation of the participation of the People's Republic of China in this process

#Theory and methodology of transport law

7 Milestones of science of the Russian University of Transport: project concept
8 Labor relations under the conditions of application and use of unmanned vehicles
9 On the issue of current tendencies in written legal communication in the transport system

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

10 Features of legal regulation and problems of judicial practice of the application of a mandatory pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes on the contracts of compulsory motor third-party liability insurance
11 Civil law status of the subjects of vehicle drivers’ vocational training in the context of the ratio of public and private interests in transport
12 Features of the carrier's liability for violation of the contract for the railway transportation of goods

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

13 Some problems of traffic safety and prevention of traffic accidents caused by tailgating another vehicle
14 Reasoning about the form of guilt in transport crimes
15 Brief statistical analysis of law enforcement in the transport security system
16 Cybercrime state and tendencies in transport infrastructure
17 Acknowledgement of guilt in transport offences

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

18 The current system of staffing support of departmental railway transport security and issues of its optimization
19 On the issue of protecting transport infrastructure and vehicles from security incidents
20 Establishment of the service life of passenger trafficking vehicles by the laws of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation as the implementation of their powers in joint jurisdiction with the Russian Federation in the field of passenger trafficking to ensure traffic safety
21 The efficiency of administrative punishment for administrative offenses in the field of road traffic
22 Some issues of implementation of administrative responsibility of traffic participants
23 The role of the National Guard in transport security
24 The problems of social and legal support in remuneration of law enforcement employees of Russia in transport

#Land and legal and environmental transport relations

25 Legal regime of railway transport lands as an object of natural environment

#Information and legal enforcement of transport activity and security

26 Information technology in the transport sector: legal aspect

#Foreign experience of transport legal regulation

27 Acts of foreign delegated legislation regulating the field of transport activities (Westminster model)

#Legal framework of national security

28 Russian language as an object of national security of the Russian Federation
29 Legal examination of regulatory legal acts for security threats: theoretical and legal aspect

#History of transport law

30 The ideologist of establishing a new type of transport university
31 The results of transformations in the control system of communication routes under the reign of Alexander I
32 The beginning of legal regulation of transportation in Russia
33 Retrospective review of the development of legal regimes of railway property and modern regulation in Russia
34 Liberalization of public relations and organizational and legal improvement of the Soviet courts, militia and justice in the 1953―1960s

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 40

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