The aims of the journal:

  • to create and expand the information platform for the accumulation and exchange of information on leading research in the field of Transport Law, as well as for an open discussion of scientific ideas;
  • to contribute to the provision of legal support for the innovative development of the Russian Transport Industry;
  • a familiarization of researchers with the leading research of national and foreign scientists in the field of Legal Security at Transport Infrastructure Facilities;
  • a stimulation of publication and research activities of master students and post-graduates in the area of Transport Law and Security at Transport Infrastructure Facilities;
  • to promote the growth of the scientific competence of young researchers/lawyers.

The objectives of the journal:

  • to provide authors of scientific articles with a high-quality editorial and publishing mechanism of the publication process, as well as scientific consultations and methodological guidance;
  • to organize a high-quality discussion platform for productive dialogue between scientists, lecturers and specialists.

Due to well-organized work of a large number of professionals in their field (practitioners, researchers) "Transport Law and Security" Journal seeks to publish a contemporary and popular content. The editorial staff highly appreciates the cooperation and is sincerely grateful to everyone who is involved into the release process of our electronic journal.