Viktor M. Koryakin. The current system of staffing support of departmental railway transport security and issues of its optimization

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Viktor M. Koryakin - Doctor of Law, professor, head of the department ‘Civil law, international private law and civil procedure’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper has considered the problematic issues of staffing support of the activities of the federal state enterprise “Departmental railway transport security of the Russian Federation”. There has been presented the analysis of the current system of staff training for security activities on railway transport, identified problematic issues in this area, developed some proposals to improve the system of legal regulation of staffing support for departmental railway transport security. In particular, there has been substantiated a necessity of developing and adopting a federal state educational standard in the specialty “Legal support of national security” with a specialization “Transport and legal”.

Keywords: departmental security; protection; transport security/safety; railway transport; professional education; advanced training; professional standard.


  1. Koryakin, V. M. Kontseptual'nyye podkhody k sozdaniyu sistemy podgotovki spetsialistov v oblasti obespecheniya transportnoy bezopasnosti [Conceptual approaches to the creation of a system for training specialists in the field of transport security] / V. M. Koryakin // Transportnoye pravo. ― 2012. ― № 3. ― S. 7—14.

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