№25 (1st quarter of 2018)

Issue №1(25) (1st quarter of 2018)

#Features of legal relations of subjects which are providing transport security

1 Features of legal regulation of transportations on air transport in the Russian Federation
2 Regulation and organization of cargo transportation by rail

#Security in the operation of transport infrastructure facilities

3 Actual issues of administrative and criminal responsibility for driving of a motor vehicle while intoxicated
4 Ethical issues in the production investigative actions
5 Measures aimed at preventing the illegal use of duplicate state vehicle registration plates
6 Crime on transport in Russia: the digital characteristic for 2017 year
7 Methods of transportation of narcotic drugs
8 The strategy of innovative development of railway transport in the Russian Federation

#Protection of rights and interests in the field of security and transport security

9 Actual issues of supervision over the transport prosecutor's office for compliance with anti-corruption legislation
10 Legal regulation of working time of transport workers

#Foreign experience of legal regulation of transport activities

11 Experience of participation of customs and border authorities of the United States of America and Canada in security in international trade and transport of goods
12 Employment contracts in France and Belgium
13 International experience of financing transport infrastructure on the example of the people's Republic of China

#History of transport law

14 The emergence of the railways in Russia in the reign of Nicholas I
15 Some issues of legal regulation and organization of transport activity in the years of the great Patriotic War
16 The feat of the Soviet railway workers during the battle for the Caucasus and in the battle for Stalingrad
17 How forged our victory — the soviet rear during the Great Patriotic war

#Technical regulation, standardization and certification in transport safety

18 To the question of legal and organizational problems of codification of transport legislation of the Russian Federation
19 Some problems of codification of transport legislation of the Russian Federation
20 Codification of transport legislation in the context of improving the efficiency of public transport management

#Theory and methodology of transport security

21 Relevant epistemological and praxeological problems of legal ensuring of transport safety
22 Actual political and legal aspects of transport security
23 Prospects of implementation of public-private partnership in the field of transport security in modern Russia: the potential of chambers of сommerce and industry
24 Organizational and legal basis of transport security in Russia
25 Transport security as a legal institution
26 Formation of a legal framework to ensure the safety of road transport in Russia
27 The nature of transport of terrorism and the specifics of its manifestation
28 On the relationship between corruption and transport security
29 Socio-cultural and legal foundations of prevention offences and safety in transport sphere
30 Legal security in railway transport
31 Use of the offspring abilities of service dogs to identify objects and substances that are prohibited or restricted to movement in transport

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