Novikova O. Methods of transportation of narcotic drugs

UDK 343.57

Novikova O. - phd in law, associate professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal procedure and criminology» of the Law Institute of the Russian University of transport

Abstract. This article discusses the existing types of transportation of drugs, specify the methods of transportation, which are the most common, and what is the danger for those who directly transport them. The emphasis is also placed on the work of law enforcement agencies, which are obliged to constantly seek new ways to control drug trafficking and improve ways of their disclosure.

Keywords: narcotic drugs; drugs; transportation; responsibility; method of transportation; railway transport; sea route; intra-cavity method.


  1. Actual problems of struggle against drug trafficking: a collection of articles / ed. by T. A. Bogolyubov, O. A. Evlanov. — M. : Academy of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, 2010.

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