Kharlamova Yu. The feat of the Soviet railway workers during the battle for the Caucasus and in the battle for Stalingrad

Experience of legal support of the functioning of the transport system during the Great Patriotic War (Moscow, Law Institute of MIIT, November 29, 2017)

UDK 94.47

Kharlamova Yu. - doctor of political science, associate professor, professor of the department of transport law and administrative law of the Law Institute Russian University of transport

Abstract. The article analyzes the role of railway workers during the battle for the Caucasus and in the battle for Stalingrad. The importance of armored train teams on the most dangerous sectors of the front is assessed, events related to the construction of the Astrakhan-Elista-Kizlyar railway line, as well as reconstruction work on railway transport, are covered.

Keywords: armored trains; the battle for the Caucasus; the Battle of Stalingrad; Soviet railwaymen.


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