Openeyshev O. Anipko I. Actual issues of supervision over the transport prosecutor’s office for compliance with anti-corruption legislation

UDK 347.963

Openeyshev O. - deputy prosecutor of the Moscow interregional transport prosecutor's office, state counselor of justice of the 3rd class, candidate of legal sciences, honored worker of the prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation

Anipko I. - graduate of the Law Institute of the Russian University of transport

Abstract. This article examines the problematic issues related to the implementation by the transport prosecutor's office of the supervision of compliance with anti-corruption legislation, based on the analysis of the powers of the transport prosecutor's office, the practice of its activities, statistical data, the most conflicting and problematic legislation, measures to improve the efficiency of prosecutorial supervision in the sphere counteracting corruption in transport.

Keywords: corruption; transport prosecutor's office; supervision; prevention of corruption; prevention of corruption; anti-corruption legislation


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