Sudenko V., Abdulmedzhidova D. Ethical issues in the production investigative actions

UDK 343.13

Sudenko V. - associate professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal process and criminalistics» of Law Institute Russian University of transport

Abdulmedzhidova D. - post-graduate of Law Institute Russian University of transport

Abstract. This article presents the problematic ethics of the investigator in investigative actions, the scene inspection, searches, survey, interrogations of suspects, accused, victims, witnesses and other participants in criminal proceedings. Ethical issues in the activities of the investigator might arise in the process of investigating crimes committed, including infrastructure, railway and other modes of transport. Special attention is paid to disclosure of individual situations, leading to professional deformation of the investigator, which in the end, the most negative impact on the relationship between the investigator and the interrogated persons. Basic requirements for the behavior of the investigator and the ways of establishing and maintaining psychological contact between him and passing on the case face.

Keywords: investigator; preliminary investigation; criminal justice; culture of questioning; professional deformation.


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