Maltsev V., Gridneva O. Features of legal regulation of transportations on air transport in the Russian Federation

UDK 656.7

Maltsev V. - candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of «Financial law and taxation» department of the Law Institute of the Russian University of transport (MIIT)

Gridneva O. - candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the chair of civil law disciplines of the Moscow city pedagogical University

Abstract. The article deals with some peculiarities of the system of legal regulation of air transportation in Russia. Reveals the definition of domestic and international air transportation. Analysis of the provisions of the main legislative acts regulating relations in providing air transportation of passengers and cargo. Given the legal characterization of the contract of air carriage. Investigate the subject and conditions of the said agreement under Russian law. It notes the special provisions governing the rights and obligations of the parties. Describes the specific terms of the contract of air carriage of cargo. Illustrates contemporary approaches to issues of concluding and terminating the contract of air carriage of cargo and passengers. Examples of judicial practice on disputes arising from contracts of carriage by air. A separate problematic aspects of legislative regulation of carriage by air, as well as suggestions for their elimination.

Keywords: air transportation; air transportation agreement; the passenger of the carrier; the carriage charges; freight; bill of lading; the consignee.


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