№1(41) (1st quarter of 2022)

Issue №1(41) (1st quarter of 2022)

#Transport security in professional education

1 Legal regulation of drivers’ training schools in Russia
2 Sociological study of professional motivation of the students of Moscow and regional transport universities (communicative aspect)
3 Self-regulation in transport education as a kind of legal regulation in transport

#International transport law

4 Logistics of international transportation: impact of the pandemic

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

5 Terminological uncertainty of legal regulation of transportation involving various modes of transport

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

6 Transformation of forensic examination of vehicle markings and its methods at the turn of the XX―XXI centuries
7 Enforcement of railway transport security: historical aspects of prosecutor's supervision
8 Problems of countering hooliganism in various modes of transport
9 Transport crimes in Russia during the COVID-19 pandemic

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

10 Railway transport security system and the role of departmental security of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport in its provision
11 Concrete definition of the liability standards for dangerous driving in the legislation of the Russian Federation
12 Capabilities of using graphic editors for the reconstruction of traffic accidents
13 Issues of delegating a part of the authorities to solve administrative offenses in the field of road safety to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

#Land and legal and environmental transport relations

14 Directions for improving legislation in the field of dangerous goods’ transportation by railway

#Transport economy

15 Formation of a transport service quality management system

#Theory and methodology of transport law

16 About the concept of “transport security enforcement forces”
17 The essence and content of the concept of “acts of unlawful interference” in transport

#History of transport law

18 Legal science and engineering knowledge
19 The history of the establishment and activities of the transport police in the Russian Empire

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 41

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