Eduard F. Shakhnazaryan. Logistics of international transportation: impact of the pandemic

UDK: 341.9:656.078

Eduard F. Shakhnazaryan - Main Directorate of Ministry of Justice of Russia

Abstract. The coronavirus pandemic has broken the continuous chain of interaction between the manufacturer and the consumer, forced to make serious adjustments to the logistics of most companies. The current paper, using the example of Russia, China and Europe, examines the impact of the pandemic, as well as the restrictive measures introduced in the field of transportation by various modes of transport. The paper has given a qualification to ‘force majeure circumstances’ on the part of the legislator. An urgent problem is also the fact that the courts of the Russian Federation do not classify the coronavirus pandemic as force majeure circumstances, which deprives the parties of being exempted from civil liability due to the occurrence of such circumstances. Despite this, the current study, using the example of judicial practice, was able to note a tendency for certain indulgences to debtors by the courts (reducing the size of the penalty, penalties, etc.).

Keywords: force majeure; COVID-19; transportation of goods.


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