Elena L. Fedorova. Sociological study of professional motivation of the students of Moscow and regional transport universities (communicative aspect)

UDK: 316:378.937

Elena L. Fedorova - Candidate of Philological Sciences, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current work is a sociological study of an important scientific problem of professional motivation of students, who receive higher education in the Moscow and regional transport universities. The first-year students studying at the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport (RUT (MIIT)) and the first-year students studying at the Rostov State Transport University (RSTU) participated in the study. The paper has presented the questionnaire, the answers to the questions of which formed the basis of the current study. The paper has considered the close correlation between motivation of students and their employment after graduation. The study has demonstrated that in the first year of study it is possible to identify students who will not work in the chosen specialty in future. The teaching staff’s efforts to motivate students in the profession could reduce the proportion of those who do not plan to work in the field chosen for training.

Keywords: profession, motivation, human factor, social conditions of education, profession regulators.


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