Evgeny A. Nesterov. Legal regulation of drivers’ training schools in Russia

UDK: 351.811.122:629

Evgeny A. Nesterov - Candidate of Law, head of the Law Institute, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Currently, 70% of drivers’ training organizations are commercial, striving, first of all, for obtaining profit, i.e. to train a student and send him to the state exam in the traffic police as soon as possible. In such a situation, it is no use to talk about the quality and attentive attitude to the problems of drivers’ training. The 2013 driver training reforms not only failed to fully clarify and fill the gaps in the current legislation, but gave rise to new questions that have not yet been answered. According to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia issued on February 20, 2021 No. 80, there were approved the Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the provision of public services for conducting exams for driving licenses. The new rules are a compilation of the best foreign experience that could be applied in Russian conditions. What changes have been made to the rules for passing the exam on a driving license? There is a hope that the toughening of the rules will have a positive impact on the quality of students’ knowledge. In this case, drivers’ training schools will not only have to train for the correct answers, but also ensure a thorough study of the curriculum for future drivers, and its implementation will be checked at an internal exam.

Keywords: drivers’ training school; traffic rules; franchising; a driving license.


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