Aleksandr S. Parshakov. Enforcement of railway transport security: historical aspects of prosecutor’s supervision

UDK: 347.963:656.2

Aleksandr S. Parshakov - Candidate of Law, reserve Colonel of Justice, Russian University of Transport, Military University of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, alexandrparshakov@yandex.ru

Abstract. The current paper has discussed the features of the implementation of prosecutor’s supervision over the law enforcement while enforcing railway transport security. There have been studied historical and modern approaches to ensuring law and order at the facilities of the country's transport system. There has been emphasized that, in relation to the supervision of the law enforcement in railway transport, since the formation of the Soviet prosecutor's office a hundred years ago, there have been requirements for the specialization of supervision over this type of transport. Throughout the Soviet period, the functions of the activities of the transport prosecutor’s offices were closely related to issues of transport security. At the same time, in various periods of the country’s history, supervision in this area either intensified, including through setting up specialized prosecutor’s offices, or was carried out in a general manner by territorial prosecutor’s offices. Speaking about the present period of enforcing railway transport security, there has been emphasized the specifics of prosecutor’s supervision in modern conditions, which lies in the complex, systemic nature of this activity. Considering the practice of prosecutor’s supervision over the law enforcement while enforcing railway transport security, the author has actively relied on the analysis of the regulatory legal framework that regulated the indicated direction of supervision at each historical period.

Keywords: prosecutor’s supervision; railway security; transport prosecutor.


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