Iliya S. Krylov. Problems of countering hooliganism in various modes of transport

UDK: 343.343.3

Iliya S. Krylov - Russian MIA Main Directorate for Transport, ikrylov7@yandex.ru

Abstract. In recent years, there has been a dynamic growth in the passenger transportation sector, excepting the extraordinary situation in 2020 related to the application of restrictive measures. Under these conditions, the organization of work to ensure law and order in railway, water and air transport and to counter the so-called “destructive passengers” is of particular relevance and is one of the priority tasks facing the internal affairs bodies in transport. The current paper has considered the problematic issues of countering the passengers’ hooliganism in transport, requiring additional legislative regulation. There have been suggested some proposals to improve the efficiency of law enforcement agencies and the transport complex, aimed at minimizing the facts of hooliganism in transport.

Keywords: hooliganism; public order; railway transport; air transport; aircraft; “destructive passengers”.


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