Sergey Al. Semenov. About the concept of “transport security enforcement forces”

UDK: 342.951:351.82

Sergey Al. Semenov - head of the Federal Budget Institution “Marine Security Service”

Abstract. One of the key concepts for the Federal Law “On Transport Security” is the concept of “transport security enforcement forces”. The significance of this concept lies in the fact that it outlines the circle of persons who ensure the protection of transport infrastructure facilities and vehicles from acts of unlawful interference. However, a systematic analysis of the definition has shown that at present the concept of “transport security enforcement forces” does not contribute accuracy, unambiguity and certainty in the regulation of legal relations and does not help to reveal the essence and meaning of regulatory legal acts in the field of transport security. Thus, some lexically identical phrases used in the concept are interpreted by the law in different ways, others do not correspond to the interpretation offered by the law itself. The law does not reveal the composition of the transport security enforcement forces, does not determine the legal status of people related to them, with the exception of certain elements of the legal status of employees of departmental security. The list of categories of employees of the transport security forces can only be determined through an analysis of typical additional professional programs in the field of their training, which looks unnatural from a legal point of view. The requirements for enforcing transport security by means of transport practically do not disclose the rights and obligations of people who are part of the transport security enforcement forces. The law and the requirements for enforcing transport security by means of transport do not contain norms imposing or determining the procedure for imposing responsibility for their implementation on the person responsible for transport security. At the same time, the precise and unambiguous use of legal concepts plays an important role in preventing the deformation of legal norms. The current paper has offered a critical analysis of the concept “transport security enforcement forces” and has given proposals for its improvement, including a new definition and a concept “a person responsible for enforcing transport security in a transport infrastructure subject, at a transport infrastructure facility, a vehicle”.

Keywords: transport security; transport security enforcement force.


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