Igor V. Kiselevich. Capabilities of using graphic editors for the reconstruction of traffic accidents

UDK: 343.98 (347.948.2)

Igor V. Kiselevich - Candidate of Law, docent, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Reconstruction of a traffic accident is one of the stages of a transport and trace study. In accordance with the current forensic methods, the verification of the interconnection between the damages on the victim’s vehicle and on the guilty vehicle is carried out using the methods of transport traceology, based on the analysis of the nature of the deformations and the direction of the forces that caused damage to assemblies and parts of the vehicles, as well as traces on the vehicles, roadway and objects with which the vehicles interacted during a traffic accident. In cases where it is not possible to study the vehicles themselves and reconstruct road accidents on the road, a graphical model of vehicle collisions is built based on data from accident documents, photographs, etc., including the use of graphic editors. The current paper has described the capabilities of modern graphic editors for the reconstruction of traffic accidents (on the example of the CorelDRAW graphic editor).

Keywords: traffic accident; graphic editor; autotechnical examination; transport and trace examination.


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