№1(33) (1st quarter of 2020)

Issue №1(33) (1st quarter of 2020)

#International transport law

1 The features of the application of the territorial and extraterritorial effect of the statutes in the cross-border movement of energy resources by pipelines

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

2 Urgent issues of preventing and resolving conflicts of interest in the organizations established to fulfill the tasks assigned to the Government of the Russian Federation (on the example of JSC «Russian Railways»)
3 Administrative and legal regulation of transport security
4 Digitalization of state control (supervision) in the field of transport as a direction of modern reform of control and supervision activities
5 Fundamental approaches and theoretical fundamentals of counteracting corruption in the organizations set up to fulfill the tasks assigned to the Government of the Russian Federation (on the example of JSC «Russian Railways»)
6 Transport security on urban road transport: problems and their solutions

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

7 Ensuring constitutional guarantees for inviolability of individual private life in the present practice of providing consumer services (on the example of transport industry)
8 Improvement of legislation in the context of the technical evolution of unmanned transport means

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

9 Characteristics of road traffic accidents at railway crossings and measures to prevent them
10 Security on transport: features of the prevention of crimes committed by military personnel
11 Consideration of railway transport features in solving transport criminal cases
12 Detention of a person suspected in a transport crime

#Information and legal enforcement of transport activity and security

13 The current status and development trends of the infocommunication transport infrastructure in the Russian Federation
14 Problems of regulatory support of autonomous (unmanned) railway transport
15 Ensuring transportation safety in the context of digitalization
16 Current state and prospects of digitalization of freight railway transport and logistics in Russia

#Transport security in professional education

17 Some results of the implementation of additional professional education programs at the Russian University of Transport according to the federal project «New Opportunities for Everyone» of the national project «Education»
18 The complex use of oriental health gymnastics in order to increase the stress resistance of future transport specialists
19 A stress as a destructive psycho-emotional condition and a risk factor while driving
20 Self-Myofascial Release of transport industry employees

#Foreign experience of transport legal regulation

21 Characteristics of the legal regulation of a vehicle insurance and a civil liability insurance of their owners in Brazil
22 UK Legal System for processing of genetic information

#History of transport law

23 Contribution of the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers to the development of transport education in Russia

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 33

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