Vladimir Al. Zhavoronkov. Characteristics of road traffic accidents at railway crossings and measures to prevent them

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Vladimir Al. Zhavoronkov - senior lecturer of the department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport, telec121.57@mail.ru

Abstract. The current paper has considered the issues characterizing the features of the mechanism of road traffic accidents (hereinafter - accidents) committed at railway crossings of various categories (equipped with a full range of automatic safety devices or equipped with several of its elements), and the reasons that cause them. There has been considered a final stage of the accident and the consequences of a train hitting the railway crossings or a motor vehicle stuck in railway tracks. In addition, the author has studied the features of the actions of traffic participants, in particular, the psychophysiological aspects of drivers’ behavior while waiting for the opening at the railway crossings and while crossing the railway tracks, as well as about their impact on the possibility of a hazardous traffic situation. Determining the causes of accidents at railway crossings, as well as factors affecting the possibility of their occurrence, the current paper has proposed some specific measures to prevent these accidents. The main idea is a differentiated approach to the solving of problems associated with traffic safety organizations at these facilities, including the elimination of railway crossings in regions with an extensive road network and high traffic density of vehicles and trains. The paper has also analyzed the opinions of some authors, set out in recent scientific sources, which have studied the problems of ensuring traffic safety at railway crossings and determined the main directions for its improvement.

Keywords: railway crossing; motor vehicle; actions of traffic participants; reasons for an accident; measures to prevent them.


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