Aleksandr S. Parshakov. Security on transport: features of the prevention of crimes committed by military personnel

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Aleksandr S. Parshakov - Candidate of Law, associate professor of the department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport , senior researcher of the research department of the Military University of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, honorary worker of the Prosecutor’s Office, retired colonel of justice

Abstract. The current paper has considered the features of the prevention of crimes committed by military personnel dealing with road and transport operation safety. The author has studied the main directions and specific measures to prevent the commitment of crimes by military personnel, based on the nature of the causes and conditions provoking their commission, as well as the consequences of their commission. The author has emphasized that these areas and measures are provided for by normative legal acts in the field of traffic security enforcement and crime prevention. One of the key roles belongs to the Road Safety Strategy in the Russian Federation for 2018-2024, which is aimed at eliminating and neutralizing the causes and conditions provoking the commission of road traffic accidents, including in the army and navy. Based on an analysis of departmental normative acts, the author has considered specific crime prevention measures, the implementation of which could ensure the driving and operational safety of military and special vehicles by military personnel. In addition to traditional measures to counteract criminal violation of the driving or operating of military and special vehicles, the author has proposed to increase the efficiency to detect latent offenses committed by military personnel and the victimological aspect in the transport sector.

Keywords: traffic and transport crimes; features of the prevention of crimes committed by military personnel; driving or operating military or special vehicles; technical conference.


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