Irina S. Shchadilova, Galina An. Smirnova. Self-Myofascial Release of transport industry employees

UDK: 796

Irina S. Shchadilova - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, docent, associate professor of the department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Russian University of Transport

Galina An. Smirnova - senior lecturer of the department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Russian University of Transport, ishchad@mail.ru

Abstract. In modern Russia, human resources are the main productive factor for economic development and growth in the country, and ensuring long-term capacity, longevity is one of the most important tasks in the country. The development of new programs and complexes of physical exercises, aimed not only at developing the physical qualities of a person, but also at the possibility after a hard working day spent in unfavorable conditions (with noise, vibrations of various types, in night shifts) to minimize immense loads for the body are of urgent necessity. The current paper has considered the modern system of health-improving practice, namely “myofascial release” (MFR) and substantiated the possibility of independent use in everyday life by all transport specialists. There has been given a brief description of the methodology, features, goals and the impact that this methodology could have on the physical condition of a person. The presented complex of relaxation and recreational exercises will make it possible to become a universal remedy to prevent injuries at work and in domestic conditions. The methodology of myofascial relaxation consists of specific rolling of selected body muscles rested on the roller. Only after some adaptation of the pain body parts and with the weakening of muscle pain, the pressure should be gradually increased which will result in the rise of the relaxation effect.

Keywords: myofascial release; muscles; fascia; roll; “rolling”; relaxation; tension; physical education at a university; transport industry; occupational diseases.


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