Larisa L. Polionskaya, Aleksandr Ig. Zemlin. Urgent issues of preventing and resolving conflicts of interest in the organizations established to fulfill the tasks assigned to the Government of the Russian Federation (on the example of JSC «Russian Railways»)

UDK: 35.083

Larisa L. Polionskaya - head of the Coordination and Legal Support department of the Center of Anti-Corruption Activities of JSCo "RZD"

Aleksandr Ig. Zemlin - Doctor of law, professor, head of the department of Transport Law of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, supervisor of the direction of the Scientific-Advisory Section of the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAS CSS RAS)

Abstract. Based on the application of systematic legal and formal-dogmatic approaches, the current paper has analyzed Russian anti-corruption legislation, considered the papers of representatives of scientific schools, and studied law enforcement practice relevant to the subject of the study. There has been concluded that the attention paid in the National Anti-Corruption Plan for 2018–2020 to the application of legal mechanisms to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest was well-founded, since the task has been now set to find new methods of preventing and resolving conflicts of interest not only in public service, but also in organizations established to fulfill the tasks assigned to the Government of the Russian Federation. There has been considered the experience of JSC «Russian Railways» in taking systemic measures, developing and applying methodological recommendations. The obtained result can contribute to the distribution of the Russian Railways’ experience, which can have a positive effect in improving Russian anti-corruption legislation.

Keywords: prevention of corruption offenses; anti-corruption legislation; conflict of interest.


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