Alla V. Pavlova. Current state and prospects of digitalization of freight railway transport and logistics in Russia

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Alla V. Pavlova - Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor of the department of Customs Law and Organization of the Customs Affairs of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport, alpav71@mail.ru

Abstract. The digitalization level of Russian railway transport and logistics is currently behind the world level. The reasons are largely economic, since customers consider most of the services that have car park management systems and telemetry systems of objects to be redundant, and are not ready to invest in them. The digitalization is hampered by the imperfection of regulatory structure, as well as by the lack of standards to integrate solutions from different manufacturers. Nevertheless, by 2025 in the Russian railways due to the introduction of digital technologies, it has been planned to reduce the share of operating costs for information systems to 5% per year. It is expected that improvement of the operating model of information technology will allow conducting «optimization» of 15% of IT staff and save up to 1.2 billion rubles on purchases. The current paper considers the results of digitalization in the freight railway industry of the Russian Federation, as well as the prospects for the application and development of digital technologies to optimize the costs of commercial structures and the state, increase competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

Keywords: railway transport; logistics; digitalization; single digital platform; Big Data; Blockchain; internet of things.


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