Oksana Iv. Mamina. Digitalization of state control (supervision) in the field of transport as a direction of modern reform of control and supervision activities

UDK: 656

Oksana Iv. Mamina - Candidate of Law, associate professor of the department of Administrative Law, Ecological Law, Information Law of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. As part of the reform of enforcement activities in Russia, the automation of this activity through the operation of relevant information resources has been considered as one of the urgent facets to improve the interaction of enforcement agencies and persons. The large-scale digitalization of enforcement activities in the field of transport, which already uses a risk-based approach, is aimed at reducing the costs of controlled objects, increasing the efficiency of information exchange, as well as the efficiency and transparency of state control (supervision). The current paper presents and explores the provisions of individual acts of government, the implementation of which is aimed at the gradual implementation of information-analytical systems and services in the enforcement activities of the Rostransnadzor and other federal executive bodies.

Keywords: automation; administrative reform; public administration; Unified Information and Analytical System (UIAS); enforcement activities; transport supervision; transport security; digitalization.


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