Anna K. Zharova. UK Legal System for processing of genetic information

UDK: 340(410)(075.8)

Anna K. Zharova - Candidate of Law, docent, senior researcher of the department of Information Law and International Information Security of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract. The problem of ensuring the information security of genetic information is relevant, since every year the volume of research conducted in the field of genetics is constantly increasing in the world, and accordingly, the amount of data that can be used to identify a person is growing. In most developed countries, the legal system is aimed at ensuring the safety of the collection, research and further use of the obtained genetic information. The paper analyzes the UK legal system, which is very scrupulous in civil law regulation of relations in the field of genetic engineering, in contrast to the Russian Federation.

Keywords: genetic information; Great Britain; legal regulation; legislative system.


  1. Boltanova, Ye. S. Geneticheskaya informatsiya v sisteme ob’yektov grazhdanskikh prav [Genetic information in the system of civil rights objects] / Ye. S. Boltanova, M. P. Imekova // Lex russica. ― 2019. ― № 6. ― S. 110—121.

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