Olga L. Postol, Vera S. Babina. The complex use of oriental health gymnastics in order to increase the stress resistance of future transport specialists

UDK: 615.8

Olga L. Postol - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, docent, associate professor of the department "Physical Training and Sport" of the Russian University of Transport

Vera S. Babina - lecturer of the Law College of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Health preservation and improvement of the students of transport universities, the formation of a healthy lifestyle are the most important tasks of physical education at the Russian University of Transport. Annually the requirements for transport industry specialists and their psychophysical readiness for professional activities are constantly increasing. This is caused by the complex influence of the negative environmental effects at the workplace. They are electromagnetic radiation, special sound modes, constant mechanical vibration, unfavorable environmental conditions, environmental pollution by chemical transport emissions, which ultimately lead to negative effects on the body of a transport worker, especially on his nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory systems. The current paper has proposed a program for transport university students with the complex use of non-traditional health-improving gymnastics (qigong, yoga, taijiquan (eight pieces of brocade), arm and palm gymnastics by Yoshiro Tsutsumi, Tabata system exercises, breathing and joint gymnastics, etc.) in combination with domestic physical exercises (elements of gymnastics, outdoor games, athletics exercises, etc.). In the Russian University of Transport on the basis of the department “Methodology of Law and Legal Communication” (“Physical Culture” section) there was conducted pedagogical experiment with the participation of the Law Institute students from 2015 to 2019. The students of the experimental group engaged in the developed recovery methodology showed very high test results (P <0.01) at the end of the experiment. Thus, there has been proved an efficiency of this technique using oriental gymnastics, which favored the improvement of the body condition, psychophysical and physical condition, and health in general. The exercises with elements of non-traditional health-improving gymnastics had a very beneficial effect on the body of students, preventing diseases, increasing levels of human performance and stress resistance. The recovery program also contributed to the implementation of the functional, psychological and physical preparation of students of RUT for future professional activities.

Keywords: physical education; non-traditional health-improving gymnastics; recovery technique; transport university; health.


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