№1(37) (1st quarter of 2021)

Issue №1(37) (1st quarter of 2021)

#Transport security in professional education

1 Transport and Law Forum: an annual international and leading scientific event of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport
2 The state and prospects for the development of the functioning of the student's personal account in the electronic information and educational environment of the university on the example of the Russian University of Transport

#International transport law

3 Legal issues of international cooperation in the field of environmental safety of transport activities
4 Legal regulation of international flights over the state territory

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

5 Procedural and methodological basis of forensic transport examinations
6 Digital technologies: new approaches to information support of forensic examination of vehicle markings
7 How the new edition of Article 267 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation will affect the qualification of offenses
8 Transport as a field of speech safety: the formation of the concept “speech crime”
9 Theft specificity on railway transport

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

10 AOverbooking in transport: the problem of determining the “excess” passenger
11 Characterization of unmanned cars in the context of tort obligations
12 Peculiarities of providing information when signing a commercial concession contract on the provision of transport services

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

13 Termination of the Transportation Certificate along the regular transportation routes as a measure of the carriers' liability (on the example of the Moscow region)

#Information and legal enforcement of transport activity and security

14 The development of promising models of road and maritime checkpoints across the state border
15 Transport as a subject of critical information infrastructure
16 Systemic problems of cross-border exchange of electronic transport documents in the context of digitalization
17 Accessible environment for people with limited mobility on the example of transport in Moscow and its districts (theoretical and legal aspect)

#Transport economy

18 Organizational and legal environment for real estate management and improvement of investment activities of the open joint stock company “Russian Railways”
19 Some issues of outsourcing application in transport logistics in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

#Land and legal and environmental transport relations

20 Ecoterrorism, transport and legal protection of the natural environment

#Foreign experience of transport legal regulation

21 Features of insuring vehicles and civil liability of their owners in the African countries
22 The main stages in the development of transport legal regulation in Russia, Great Britain and France and their interaction

#History of transport law

23 The improvement of railway concessions in Russia in the second half of the XIX-th century
24 Selected aspects of legal regulation and organization of road traffic safety in the 1950s
25 The history of the development of advertising activity and its legal regulation in Russia

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 37

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