Vitaliy An. Maltsev. Features of insuring vehicles and civil liability of their owners in the African countries

UDK: 349.3:368

Vitaliy An. Maltsev - Candidate of Law, docent, head of the department of administrative, financial and international law of the Academy of Labour and Social Relations

Abstract. The current paper has examined the legal aspects of vehicle insurance and civil liability of their owners in the countries of the African continent. There has been established a significant development of transport insurance in many African countries, caused not only by economic growth, the expansion of foreign trade relations, the construction of new highways, an increase in railway communications, but also by the problems existing in the operation of vehicles. There have been indicated features of the system of legal regulation of insurance in the African countries, including both general interstate and regional agreements. There has been given characteristics of the main international agreements in the field of insurance on the African continent. The paper has also examined the basic principles of insurance enshrined in them, including those concerning vehicle insurance and compulsory civil liability insurance of their owners. There have been analyzed certain provisions of the Code of insurance activity, which is valid as an appendix to an international agreement, where there are written the general requirements for the insurance organization, the main directions of the development of insurance and measures of responsibility for violations of its provisions. There have been studied the norms of national acts of a number of African states regulating the types of transport insurance and the peculiarities of legal relations arising in the implementation of voluntary and compulsory vehicle insurance, as well as compulsory insurance of civil liability of their owners. There have been determined general features of the legislation in relation to these types of insurance, as well as specific features for individual African countries. There have been briefly analyzed legal norms establishing responsibility for violations of insurance legislation. There has been given characteristics of the structure and state of national markets for the specified types of insurance. There have been considered some general problems that exist in the legal regulation of transport insurance in the African countries.

Keywords: vehicle insurance; civil liability insurance for vehicle owners; interstate agreements; insurance legislation; insurance contract; insurance policy.


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