Viktor Iv. Ivakin. Ecoterrorism, transport and legal protection of the natural environment

UDK: 656.13:628.5(076.5)

Viktor Iv. Ivakin - Candidate of Law, associate professor department ‘Administrative law, ecological law, information law’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. In the criminal legislation of many world countries there are norms that envisage sanctions for terrorism. However, there are no norms establishing liability as environmental terrorism. This phenomenon is a set of actions of radicals who are fighting for the idea of providing animals with appropriate rights, and also oppose the exploitation of fauna species. Moreover, these persons in such cases can use violence against citizens, and the designated norm is very necessary. The current paper has analyzed such a phenomenon as environmental terrorism using various types of transport. On the examples there have been considered its varieties, including ecocide and ecotage. Also, there have been made the relevant proposals aimed at the effectiveness of the functioning of legal norms in the area of regulation of public relations.

Keywords: terrorism; ecoterrorism; ecotage; environment; transport; soil erosion.


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