Tatiyana Al. Maksimova. Termination of the Transportation Certificate along the regular transportation routes as a measure of the carriers’ liability (on the example of the Moscow region)

UDK: 656

Tatiyana Al. Maksimova - post graduate of the department ‘Administrative law, ecological law, information law’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper has considered the difference between transportations carried out under state (municipal) contracts, at regulated tariffs and transportations carried out on the basis of certificates at an unregulated tariff. There have been considered in detail the reasons for the termination of the Certificate of passenger and baggage transportation and the consequences of such termination for carriers. There have been made the proposals for improving the legislation in order to control the activities of carriers.

Keywords: Transportation Certificate; reasons for termination of the Certificate; bodies controlling transportation; transportation of passengers and baggage.


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