Aiganym G. Kurasheva. Theft specificity on railway transport

UDK: 343.13

Aiganym G. Kurasheva - post graduate of the department ‘Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The transport complex of the country, including railway transport as the most important and economically massive mode of transport, could not but affect the criminal processes of recent times. Every year, more and more crimes are committed in the railway transport sector, and they acquire a pronounced organized character. More and more such crimes are being committed by organized criminal groups and criminal communities. The specific features of railway transport, its wide geographical location, and its constant operation, independent of either weather or economic collisions, including sanctions, make it very difficult not only to combat the committed crimes, but also to identify the causes that give rise to crimes on railway transport, and the conditions favorable for their commitment. Among the criminal offenses committed on railway transport, the most common are the thefts of transport means, individual parts of locomotives, wagons, damage of suburban electric trains. These and other crimes not only significantly damage businesses and railway transport, but pose a serious danger to the safety of its movement and operation, and ultimately to the life and health of passengers and transport workers. There have become not uncommon group thefts of cargo from rolling stock, committed by railway workers (e.g. locomotive drivers and their assistants) with unauthorized persons, when a train stops or slows down, followed by breaking seals of transported containers and stealing cargo from them. The theft of goods is often staged by replacing broken seals or locks, presenting false commercial documents, undervaluation and misrepresenting.

Keywords: railway; transport crimes; theft; specifics of solving transport crimes.


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