Ekaterina S. Zalozhnykh. The history of the development of advertising activity and its legal regulation in Russia

UDK: 659.1

Ekaterina S. Zalozhnykh - post graduate of the department ‘Administrative law, ecological law, information law’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper has considered the history of the development of advertising activity (including its use in transport), starting from the moment of its appearance in Russia in the X-XI centuries to the present day. There has been considered not only the modification of advertising activity, but also the historical transformation of its legal regulation. There have been also considered the main regulatory legal acts adopted and abolished during the rapid development of advertising activities in 1980-1990, which were based on international legal regulation standards and western experience, which was of great importance in the conditions at that time. Among other things, the paper has paid attention to the main authorized bodies that are regulating this activity at the moment, and their main functions.

Keywords: advertising activity; advertising on transport; Federal Antimonopoly Service.


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