№26 (2nd quarter of 2018)

Issue №2(26) (2nd quarter of 2018)

#Providing security in the operation of transport infrastructure facilities

1 The origins of transport security problems
2 Metro security: challenges and prospects
3 On the legal status of the free access sector zone of transport security
4 Stress factors and transport safety
5 Technical-criminalistic provision of inspection of the place of accidents on railway transport
6 Manufacture of forensic and surprising expertise in the customs bodies of Russia in transport

#Transport Safety in Professional Education

7 Digital technologies and education of transport workers
8 Actual problems of formation of competences of the legal orientation at experts in the field of transport

#Crimes against traffic safety and transport operation

9 Public legal signs of the object and the subject of poor-quality repair of vehicles and their release into service with technical malfunctions
10 The qualification and public legal grounds for distinguishing of the deterioration of vehicles or communications from other crimes and offenses
11 Murders on the objects of transport
12 Drug addiction in Russia and their impact on transport security

#Economics of transport

13 The need for the development of transport and infrastructure to lift economy of Russia

#Protection of rights and interests in transport security

14 Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities in the carriage by rail
15 Disciplinary responsibility of workers of transport

#Foreign experience of legal regulation of transport activity

16 Legal framework of vehicle insurance and civil liability of their owners in China
17 Features of the legal regulation of vehicle insurance and civil liability of their owners in Australia
18 The case against the Recommendations of the MI 3115-2008 in control of hanging the carriage on international routes

#History of transport law

19 Development of communication routes and transport legislation in the Peter´s I era

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