Sudenko V. Drug addiction in Russia and their impact on transport security

UDK: 343.341.1/.342.3

Sudenko V. - associate professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal process and criminalistics» of Law Institute Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The problematic issues of combating illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their analogues are considered. The reasons for the widespread distribution of drugs among the population, as well as the factors contributing to the transformation of the country, on the one hand, into transit routes for the movement of drugs from Central Asia to Europe, using primarily rail transport, and on the other, to the place of sale of these substances among the Russian population. The international documents — conventions, agreements concerning problems of fight against distribution of drugs and other stupefying substances are resulted.

Keywords: drug addiction; conventions; narcotic drugs; psychotropic substances; precursors; analogues; vehicles; drug business.


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