Zemlin A. Actual problems of formation of competences of the legal orientation at experts in the field of transport

UDK: 347.463

Zemlin A. - doctor of legal sciences, professor, head of chair «Transport law and administrative law» Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport, honored science worker of the Russian Federation

Abstract. In the article on the basis of consideration of the current state of formation of legal knowledge, skills and abilities of students-transport workers, needs of practice and prospects of teaching of legal disciplines in transport educational organization the shortcomings capable to have negative impact on quality of execution by graduates of professional duties on the forthcoming official purpose are revealed. The conclusion is made about the lack of systematic pedagogical influences on the formation of the Federal state standards, establishing requirements for the results of training students in areas and specialties, implemented at the Russian University of transport (MIIT), the competence of the legal orientation. The expediency of expanding the list of legal disciplines taught to students-transport workers due to the introduction of senior courses of the discipline «Transport law», which includes as a section of the didactic unit on the organizational and legal basis of transport security. Based on the results of the application of sociological methods of analysis, using the methodology of system analysis, proposals for improving approaches to teaching legal disciplines, methodological foundations of the formation of legal competences of future specialists in the field of transport are formulated. Implementation of the proposals of organizational, didactic and methodical nature formulated and substantiated by the author of the article, logically arising from the needs of practice-oriented approach to the organization of the educational process, mission and tasks Of the Russian University of transport as a branch of transport University, educational-methodical and scientific center, will provide the necessary consistency and continuity in the work on the formation of graduates of the University, other transport educational organizations of legal competences as a General cultural institution, and the professional character necessary for future specialists-transport workers in their subsequent activities.

Keywords: transportation; specialist in the field of transport; transport legislation; legal culture; legal competence orientation.


  1. Duhno, N. A. Ways of development of the Law Institute of the Russian University of transport / / Transport law and security. — 2017. — № 10 (22).

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