Dukhno N. Digital technologies and education of transport workers

UDK: 004.9:37

Dukhno N. - doctor of legal sciences, professor, director of the Law Institute of Russian University of Transport, honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is devoted to the problems of training specialists capable of working in the field of high technology in transport. The time of Informatization requires the search for new ways to educate transport specialists. For the choice of methods, an important condition is the consideration of historical traditions and a deep study of modern features of training of specialists in demand by transport structures. In the current situation of rapid development of digital technologies, support is required for those new initiatives that are on the way to the creation and development of digital transport. The success of digital transport is possible in close cooperation between the practical departments of the transport complex and the Russian University of transport and other transport universities.

Keywords: digital technology; digital transport; transport outlook; high technology; transportation education; university; education specialists.


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