Dukhno N. The origins of transport security problems

UDK: 519.7

Dukhno N. - doctor of legal sciences, professor, director of the Law Institute of Russian University of transport, honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Abstract. Transport security is a concern for everyone, and we see how much effort and money is being spent to ensure the safe operation of the transport system. The main efforts to ensure transport security are focused on the application of engineering and technical measures, which in itself is the right direction. But to be limited to these methods and to ignore others means that the opportunities leading to security guarantees in transport are underutilized. The most unpredictable source of danger is the person, his behavior, poorly trained specialists-transport workers. In order to prevent threats, it is necessary to increase education and raise the legal culture of transport workers. All work on transport security should be carried out in a comprehensive manner, combining engineering and legal methods with other intellectual methods, which together form a guarantee of transport security.

Keywords: transport safety; traffic safety; transport safety; control; super-vision; education; legal culture; transport specialists.


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