Agapov P., Motin O. The qualification and public legal grounds for distinguishing of the deterioration of vehicles or communications from other crimes and offenses

UDK: 343.346

Agapov P. - doctor of law, associate professor, professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal process and criminalistics» of Law Institute Russian University of Transport

Motin O. - ph.d in law, associate professor of the criminal law and procedure Moscow City Pedagogical University

Abstract. In the article, the rules of qualification and delimitation of the deterioration of vehicles or communication from other crimes and offenses are systematized and considered taking into account the existing public law norms. As a result, measures are proposed for the uniform application in practice of the norms, provided for in Art. 267 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, as well as to minimize damage from transport crimes.

Keywords: qualification; deterioration of vehicles; disrepair of communication routes; public legal grounds.


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