Timonina I. Disciplinary responsibility of workers of transport

UDK: 349.2 + 347.463

Timonina I. - candidate of legal sciences, docent of the department «Theory of law and natural resources law» of Law institute of the Russian university of transport

Abstract. The article deals with the issues related to the peculiarities of legal regulation of labor discipline of transport workers. In his article the author investigated the problems of legal support of labor discipline and compliance with the rules of internal labor regulations by transport workers. The author not only analyzes the existing problems of compliance with the internal labor regulations, but also the order and types of responsibility of employees for its violation. And one of the ways of applying disciplinary responsibility is the method of applying disciplinary sanctions. The author of the article notes the importance of compliance with labor discipline by transport workers, as it affects the efficiency of any organization, and especially the activities of the transport company, as employees of these enterprises directly ensure the safety of passengers and cargo transportation. The article distinguishes two types of responsibility: General and special. General disciplinary responsibility is regulated within the limits of internal labour regulations. Special disciplinary responsibility applies to certain categories of employees by statutes and regulations on discipline and has its own characteristics. In the article the author draws attention to the fact that employees of transport enterprises in connection with special working conditions bear special responsibility, but only if these duties were assigned to them properly and are fixed in the employment contract. The article examines the procedure of imposition of disciplinary penalty, the rules of its imposition, which must strictly comply with the employer; the procedure of its removal, the procedure of appeal in the light of the current labor legislation. The author considered in the article the disciplinary responsibility of transport workers on the example of the responsibility of railway work-ers, especially such responsibility.

Keywords: disciplinary responsibility; legal regulation, labor legislation; control, disciplinary responsibility; disciplinary sanctions; internal labor regulations.


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