Zapolskii D. The case against the Recommendations of the MI 3115-2008 in control of hanging the carriage on international routes

UDK: 656.2.073

Zapolskii D. - legal adviser of the 1st category Department of legal expertise East Siberian railway legal service — branch of open joint-stock society «Russian railway roads», master of law

Abstract. Responsibility of the consignor for the international carriage of goods has changed from 1 July 2015. One again apply responsibilities — penalty for misrepresentation of the invoice, which resulted in the increase of the tariff, but I didn't Overdrive the car. In view of the fact that the main method of determining the mass is weighing on the wagon scales, the question arises under what circumstances do Not apply recommendations MI 3115-2008, determine the procedure for determining the mass of the load taking into account the error of measuring instruments.

Keywords: international railway transport; SMGS; misrepresenting the weight of the load; the recommendations of the MI 3115-2008.


  1. Samigullina, A. V. features of the responsibility of the shipper and the consignee in the contract of carriage of goods by rail // Law and Economics. — 2016. — № 3. — P. 58—61.

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