№1(49) (1st quarter of 2024)

Issue №1(49) (1st quarter of 2024)

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

1 Determinants of health in the transport security system: administrative and legal aspects
2 Legal support for the activities of transport security divisions to suppress the functioning of unmanned systems: problematic issues
3 Accreditation as a form of licensing activities in the field of transport security
4 Urgent issues of improving legal mechanisms for preventing and combating corruption, preventing, and resolving conflicts of interest in the establishments set up to fulfill the tasks assigned to the Government of the Russian Federation
5 On the directions of development of a restriction institution in the turnover of public railway transport infrastructure facilities
6 Social support for family and childhood using the example of the activities of joint-stock company “Russian Railways”
7 The debtor’s vehicle located abroad as a property interest for the claimant in enforcement proceedings: implementation of the principle of rationality

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

8 Criminal liability for rendering vehicles and ways of transportation unusable
9 Current problems of forensic examination of vehicle markings
10 Urgent issues of improving the system of legal measures to protect railway transport facilities from illegal attacks

#International transport law

11 Measures necessary to prevent road transport accidents (on the example of M1 Yerevan-Gyumri-Bavra-Georgia border highway)

#Maritime Law

12 Autonomous Shipping challenge between Sustainable Value Creation and Cybersecurity Risk
13 On the issue of criteria for the unbreakable link among port infrastructure facilities
14 The Caspian Sea: history of the legal regime formation and development

#Theory and methodology of transport law

15 On the necessity to introduce the concept of “railway security” into scientific circulation

#Transport economy

16 The mechanism for implementing investments in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 49

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