Sergey Iv. Leonov. Urgent issues of improving the system of legal measures to protect railway transport facilities from illegal attacks

UDK: 342

Sergey Iv. Leonov - Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The current paper has substantiated the relevance of developing a system of regulatory and other organizational measures in the field of ensuring public safety and security in railway transport. The arguments made by the author are supported by current statistics on crime and accidents in transport. There has been shown multiplicity of cases of crimes committed in transport, highlighted the number of crimes committed in transport using information and telecommunication technologies or in the field of computer information. There has been defined the Concept of Public Safety and Security in the Russian Federation as a necessary organizational basis for the practical implementation of administrative and legal measures to improve the railway transport protection system.

Keywords: railway transport; transport security; anti-terrorism security; public safety and security.


  1. Koryakin, V. M. Protivodeystviye diversionnoy deyatel'nosti na ob"yektakh transportnoy infrastruktury kak sostavnaya chast' obespecheniya transportnoy bezopasnosti [Countering sabotage activities at transport infrastructure facilities as an integral part of ensuring transport security] / V. M. Koryakin // Transportnoye pravo i bezopasnost'. ― 2023. ― № 2 (46). ― S. 39―48.

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