Chinar V. Nersesyan. Measures necessary to prevent road transport accidents (on the example of M1 Yerevan-Gyumri-Bavra-Georgia border highway)

UDK: 614.86

Chinar V. Nersesyan - National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (Erevan, Armenia)

Abstract. The current paper has presented the study of the traffic safety issues of interstate highways within the borders of settlements. There have been considered the actions defined by the five pillars of road safety encouraged by the United Nations (UN) to all countries, adopted by the RA government’s “National Road Safety Strategy” document. An important preventive measure for ensuring road traffic safety is traffic improvement or road reconstruction measures to eliminate “black spots”, being accident-prone sections of roads. The analysis of the accidents’ causes has shown that there are more accidents in the settlements that have roadside facilities and do not have stopping and parking areas than in those that do not have roadside facilities. The current study has been made on the most accident-prone section of the M1 (Yerevan-Gyumri-Bavra-Georgia border) interstate highway (1.0-6.0 km) passing through settlements. There have been found “black spots”, determined the reasons of the accidents, and developed long-term, medium-term and short-term measures to prevent them. The paper has presented the short-term measures that will contribute to increasing traffic safety.

Keywords: highway; automobile; safety; “black spot”; carriageway.


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