Hlali Arbia, Vladimir Ev. Chebotarev, Naser Abdel Raheem Al Ali. Autonomous Shipping challenge between Sustainable Value Creation and Cybersecurity Risk

UDK: 656.61

Hlali Arbia - Department of Economics, University of Sfax, Tunisia

Vladimir Ev. Chebotarev - Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Naser Abdel Raheem Al Ali - Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The integration of autonomous shipping introduces several transformations in the maritime sector, mainly the sustainable value creation. However, this technology adoption provokes some challenges. The purpose of the current paper was to study the complicated balance between two critical aspects of autonomous shipping, such as sustainable value creation and cybersecurity risks. In addition, there has been considered how autonomous shipping creates sustainable value while at the same time establishes a robust cybersecurity system. There have been also studied various advantages created by autonomous ships and underlined the cybersecurity threats, also stated the solution of different challenges. The conclusions have highlighted the importance of autonomous shipping value creation and the necessity of current regulations’ correction.

Keywords: autonomous shipping; cybersecurity risks; robotics in marine transport; artificial intelligence in marine transport; automation systems in marine transport.


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