Viktor M. Koryakin. Legal support for the activities of transport security divisions to suppress the functioning of unmanned systems: problematic issues

UDK: 342.9

Viktor M. Koryakin - Doctor of Law, professor, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The current paper deals with the analysis of the norms of legislation on transport security regulating the issues of suppressing acts of illegal interference in transport activities using unmanned vehicles of various classes and for various purposes. There have been considered the innovations in legislation that give transport security divisions the powers to suppress the functioning of aircraft, submarines and surface vessels and vehicles, unmanned vehicles, and other automated unmanned systems. There has been concluded that there are legal gaps in transport legislation related to the insufficient regulation of the procedure for making decisions on the use of special means and firearms to suppress acts of illegal interference using unmanned aerial vehicles. There have been proposed some rule-making measures aimed at overcoming these legal gaps.

Keywords: transport security; act of unlawful interference; unmanned vehicles; transport security divisions; departmental security of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and Roszheldor.


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