№1(29) (1st quarter of 2019)

Issue №1(29) (1st quarter of 2019)

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

1 The assessment of the correct record of a traffic accident in the video materials of the car DVR
2 On some aspects to counter the investigation of road traffic crimes committed by military personnel
3 Forensic handwriting analysis in solving the crimes in transport
4 The railway accident investigation concept

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

5 On the organization of prosecutor's supervision over implementation of the legislation on protection of entrepreneurs’ rights in transport
6 The problems of customs control in railway transport

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

7 Legal nature of the contract on transportation of vehicles and freights by railway
8 Some preventive measures of corruption in the procurement activities of JSC "Russian Railways"

#Information and legal enforcement of transport activity and security

9 The effect of digital economy on the transport industry development and the problems of information security enforcement: the legal aspect
10 The development of Russian legislation on the use of unmanned vehicles in a digital economy

#Land and legal and environmental transport relations

11 Legal problems of land acquisition to arrange checkpoints for vehicles across the State Border of the Russian Federation
12 Legal responsibility for non-compliance with environmental requirements in transport activities

#International transport law

13 Prospects for a qualitative transition to a unified transport (automobile) control system on the external border of the Eurasian Economic Union
14 International legal regulation of the use of pilotless aerial vehicles
15 The World Customs Organization’s role in the improvement of international legislation to enhance customs cooperation

#Transport economy

16 Implementation of the mechanism of public-private partnership in the transport sector
17 Recommendations on the improvement of the customs transit procedure application in the Russian Federation during road freight transportation
18 The features of financial support for public transport in municipalities

#Transport security in professional education

19 Training of transport security specialists
20 On the state of distance education in the Transport Universities in Russia
21 Aqua yoga and swimming as the methods to improve physical condition of high-speed train drivers

#Foreign experience of transport legal regulation

22 The peculiarities of the legal regulation of transport insurance in Japan

#History of transport law

23 Historiography of the railway legislation of Russia in the late XIX-th — early XX-th centuries
24 Railway as an instrument of geopolitics
25 Legal transportation design according to the Merchant Shipping Charter of 1781

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