Yury Iv. Petrov. Historiography of the railway legislation of Russia in the late XIX-th — early XX-th centuries

UDK: 94(47):656.2

Yury Iv. Petrov - Candidate of History, docent, associate professor of the department ‘Customs Law and Organization of the Customs Affairs’, Law Institute, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The article provides an analysis of the works of scholars and public figures of the late XIX-th - early XX-th centuries, who investigated various aspects of the railway business. The authors consider the issues that were acute in the transport industry at the period of their direct practical activity when there was active railway construction and operation. These works are still relevant nowadays and, of course, are of great scientific interest. The work of A. A. Golovachov, considered in the article, does not contain an analysis of the railway legislation, but his critical assessment of government activity in this area influenced on the formation of the legal framework of the railway business. The work of S. Yu. Vitte made a significant contribution to the development of the theory of tariffs, and then its practical implementation. In his work he managed not only to show the importance of the tariffs for the state, but also to convincingly prove this. The work of I. M. Rabinovich gave a critical analysis of the General Statute of the railways. It provided a systematization, criticism and legal explanation of the conditions of transportation and tariff rules on the Russian railways. In his three-volume work based on the study of numerous archival documents N. A. Kislinsky was able to show the role of the Committee of Ministers as an executor of the state railway policy.

Keywords: history; historiography; railway legislation; A. A. Golovachov; S. Yu. Vitte; I.M. Rabinovich; N. A. Kislinsky.


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