Viktoriya V. Zakharova. Railway as an instrument of geopolitics

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Viktoriya V. Zakharova - Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor of the department of theory of law, history of law and international law, Law Institute, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Railway construction in key areas has always been of particular importance and could easily become a system-forming factor for the further development of the region. The role of the most important highways is difficult to overestimate, because they influenced on natural environment, technical progress, development of engineering thought, social transformation, international trade, city formation, socio-cultural processes, changes in the labor market, political processes at the regional and global levels. That is why the study of the complex, system-forming effect of railway construction on other areas of society’s life remains relevant today [1, p. 66-72]. The article deals with the complex impact of railway construction on all spheres of social development, analyzes the influence of geopolitical interests on the railway development in the conditions of the global economy in the XIX — XX centuries, discusses the conditions for the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway (CERW) and the problems arose before its designers and builders.

Keywords: railway construction; geopolitics; system factor; spheres of influence; world economy; Trans-Siberian Railway; CERW; Manchuria; Boxer Uprising (Yihetuan Movement).


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