Olga Al. Grishanova, Svetlana An. Alekseeva. The features of financial support for public transport in municipalities

UDK: 656:352(1 21)

Olga Al. Grishanova - Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, the head of the Training and Business Center at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Ivanovo Region

Svetlana An. Alekseeva - Candidate of Economic Sciences, deputy head of the department of science and innovations, the Department of Science and Technology Policy and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia

Abstract. In order to ensure the organization of transport services for the population both within rural settlements and between settlements within the boundaries of a municipal district, financial support is required by the state and municipal authorities of the carriers. Automobile passenger enterprises suffer from losses due to the low level of passenger traffic in the settlements and state regulation of prices. The pooling of financial resources is possible through inter-municipal agreements. The financial support for public motor transport in municipalities is based on the Federal Law No. 131-FZ of October 6, 2003, in which the creation of conditions for transport services to the population and the organization of transport services within the boundaries of the settlement and between settlements within the boundaries of the municipal district are of great importance nowadays.

Keywords: financial support; municipal program; subsidy; passenger transportation.


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