Olga Al. Dmitrieva. Recommendations on the improvement of the customs transit procedure application in the Russian Federation during road freight transportation

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Olga Al. Dmitrieva - Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor of the department of customs law and organization of the customs affairs, Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Transport support is a system of technical, technological, economic, legal and organizational elements that are interrelated. Technical elements are characterized by physical and chemical properties of goods, as well as operational parameters of vehicles. Technological elements of transport support are aimed to improve the quality of transport services while minimizing costs. Economic elements are in the methods of state regulation of foreign economic activity. The legal elements are international treaties and agreements on the use of vehicles. Organizational elements of transport support comprise information support of transport processes of foreign economic activity. Transport support of foreign economic activity is carried out through the use of certain types of transport. It is worth noting that the specific mode of transport affects the nature of transport support, which is determined by expediency and efficiency. The peculiarity of road transport is that it is one of the widely used and it allows delivering goods according to the “door-to-door” scheme, i.e. from the departure place to the destination place without loading. In the article the author has attempted to reflect the problems and recommendations to improve the customs transit procedure application in the Russian Federation during road freight transportation. It has been also described the prerequisites to implement a unified computerized transit system (ECTS), taking into account international experience and the experience of the Eurasian Economic Union. The author has analyzed foreign experience in the customs transit procedure with the automated systems.

Keywords: transport; the Customs; customs transit; the Eurasian Economic Union; economy.


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